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What season are we in?

I feel like we are going into a season where gatherings, celebrations and all around good times and memories are usually made. Going in blindly, but still trying to figure out how to adjust mentally and physically and how to show our loved ones that we support them, we celebrate them, we congratulate them and see them. Trying to create traditional memories in untraditional and not so normal times… Not even counting the lack of celebrating ourselves that we are doing. We’re struggling with the “welp there goes my b-day plans down the drain” , the “why would I even bother”, or “it’s just going to take too much”. I sit and not get anxious about it, but I have to think a little harder about the message I send to a sister or a friend in their special moment. This may be the only thing I’m able to do besides give money or order on Amazon. I think about the creative ways to still make memories and save the moment while throwing in a little “this was during the COVID-19” spin. God sits us down, forces us to be intentional, forces us to find a way, It’s not hard but it’s not easy when the norm is interrupted and you have to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX to show thanks and praise for blessings. People are having drive by everything, virtual everything, creating online lists and finding a way! It’s beautiful! So, in this season, whether you are celebrating you or celebrating someone else. Make it Count! Pray on it, put the effort in and make that moment happen that GOD blessed you to have or to be in, send that gift and write that intricate message. Fear not and keep it pushing! #love


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