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What does creative coordinating mean?

There are so many terms and titles that govern the roles that we play as it relates to projects and employment. One of my passions has always been creative coordinating and unbeknownst to me, a lot of people do not know what this means. Simply put, it means that I take your vision of what you want for your presence and or project and organize it into a feasible plan. I then assist you with executing that plan and then managing it afterwards if needed by contributing my technical skill sets and working with other talented individuals.


For example, let's say I have someone tell me they want a more visually appealing online presence. To me this does not mean they want more followers because I don’t do that. It means that they want to overhaul their image online so that everything is consistent, on-brand, organized and easy to digest by whoever they are trying to reach. I will then review where they currently stand and suggest homework items for them to consider or do before consultation. During consultation we will solidify what they want from me and my team. And then I get to work. I coordinate the project or projects that are going to result in their end goal that we started with. A client will agree to the action items needed from them and the timeline and then we will push forward with more consultations and work to implement the plan on schedule.

I serve as a sort of manager for your vision. Some people are starting from scratch and others are not and only need my help with a certain piece of their puzzle. Whatever phase of your business, event, strategy or vision you may be in I offer a solution to your problem, want or need. Creative coordinating can be used for:


-Video projects

-Podcast projects

-Business marketing online and physical


-Business internal operations development


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