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Print Your Pictures!

Trust me, your kids are going to want to see all the throwbacks when they get to be your age. How will you show them? We currently live in a world where everything is digital. This is great, but with everything being digital that also means you can lose whatever you don’t save in the blink of an eye. This includes your favorite memories. My mom was always taking pictures and getting them printed. I was a kid when we still had to drop off the film at the store and wait for it to be developed. That was a process! The benefit of her doing that as we were kids is that I will always be able to go back to her picture books and pull a hard copy of a photo of myself starting with my birth. She even has photos printed of herself as a pretty young thang on the old Sepia and Black and White paper. Those things start mean more the older and more mature we get. This will be true for the next generation also. 

Before every upgrade to a cell phone I began backing up my photos on a hard drive. I’ve lost so many photos with switching phones and hard drives crashing. There are some photos I wish I still had that I can remember vividly that I took but I never printed a copy of them JUST IN CASE. So the moral to the story is that it takes a few more cents to invest in having a photo printed at your local drug store and storing them away in a box or framing them or making a scrapbook. That few extra cents will save you the void later for when you want to reminisce or your kids are asking you “mommy and daddy what did you look like when you were my age?” Physical pictures track and tell stories that are self explanatory even when you’re gone, your devices are smashed or coffee spills on every hard drive you have.


Take some time and go through your cell phone and hard drives and print those favorites and candids. For crying out loud, there are museums that profit from the simple fact that they are able to archive and preserve photos that tell a story. That shows you just how important it is to capture the moments and preserve them in a way that surpasses lifetimes.


CVS & Walgreens - as low at .23 cents per print


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