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Photographers are Real People

Photographers are real people and most of the time they have the most introverted personality type. They completely understand and are used to those who aren’t so comfortable in front of the camera, need a little time to warm up, or are just awkward.

Before starting to do photography, I noticed that I was a more reserved and introverted person. I get complimented and of course I photograph well in selfies. But believe it or not I am the most critical thinker once the camera is on me. I hate almost every picture I capture of myself and I pray for whoever is taking pictures of me. For this reason and this reason alone I began to understand the awkward ways of my clients and learned ways to combat that, but of course it’s always a two way connection.

Go into your shoot with the goal and attitude of “we are going to get this shot today by any means necessary”! That is all we need. You don’t have to be perfect, wear the perfect things, be the perfect, shape, have flawless hair, makeup or shape. You do have to come prepared! If you want to exude a certain image then come with that mindset. Ask the photographer to play some music! Get loose!

The worst thing you can do is not come ready to serve the audience and the camera and get your photos back and be dissatisfied. As a photographer I serve as the hype [wo]man, the makeup patter, the loose string puller, the director etc. We wear many hats but we cannot jump into your spirit. So if you meet us even a quarter of the way between angles and retouching you will get the photo you are looking for.


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