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FOTO Studio ... Coming Soon

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

We are opening a studio and are so excited to share this moment with those who have followed and supported! This studio will be a collaborative creative space that will help support the needs of the brand and also other brands. We will provide a fully functioning photography studio space for photographers and other creatives that will help bring visions to life.

We Will Offer:

  • 10 All-Access Memberships

  • Hourly Access Rates

  • Networking Opportunities

But First...

Owning a business is one thing but having an actual business home is another. We took the first steps to open a brick and mortar photography studio. It’s a pretty big deal for a small business! MOST PEOPLE HOST HOUSE WARMINGS! WELL, WE ARE HOSTING A BUSINESS WARMING! We want to have an open house this FALL for creatives and the public supporters BUT first, we need to get it set-up because it is a BLANK SLATE. This is where we are asking for your help by contributing something from the list of tools we will need to bring it all together for the public and other creatives. We will be continuously setting up and turning the space into an inviting collaborative space in the meantime. Your contribution will go a very long way in getting us started. Thank You for your continued support!

Amazon Studio Wish List:

Ikea Studio Wish List: (2 of these) (2 of these)

CashApp Donations For Tools & Props:


Thank you for your support and help with getting this space open! Please contact Angelica directly with any questions or information needed at 704-777-4017! We can't wait to see you at the open house soon.


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